She's Breathing In Some Nicotine (so_jayded) wrote in statements_hero,
She's Breathing In Some Nicotine

Statements Hero Round One

If you want to participate in statements_hero round one, sign up by commenting on this post!

Challege-Specific Rules:

1) Many will enter, few will win.

2) Everyone does not have to play on the same difficulty level, however, you are not allowed to, for example, play on Medium when you can five-star a song on Expert. [I'm looking at you, deltashade.]

3) Winners are determined by percent notes hit.

4) In the event of a tie, the player playing on the hardest difficulty wins.

5) If two players tie on the same difficulty level, points scored will be used to determine the winner.

Let the games begin
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Too easy to lie. Maybe screenshots of win pages would be better. Even they too can be photoshopped. For example;

Free Bird

1283 Note streak